People from all over the country are invited to join outside of the gates of .Answers in Genesis. (AiG) in Northern Kentucky to let the world know that many rational Americans do not share the primitive world view that the Earth is only a few thousand years old, and that humans and dinosaurs existed at the same time, as presented by the 27 million dollar plus .Creation Museum. opening Memorial Day, May 28, 2007.

    Various groups, representing both religious and secular orientations, will join together to protest this destructive world view.

    The organizers stress that they do not challenge the right of AiG to present their worldview. They can teach that things fall up if they wish, said Edwin Kagin of Union, Kentucky. We are simply trying to show that the nonsense they are vending is not accepted by those who do not share their fundamentalist religious views.

    More details will be provideds they become available.

    JOIN US ON MONDAY MAY 28, 2007 . . . . .JOIN US ON MONDAY MAY 28, 2007 . . . . . JOIN US ON MONDAY MAY 28, 2007 . . . . .

    Join us outside the gates of

    Answers in Genesis,
    Bullittsburg Church Road,
    Exit 11,
    off of 275 West from 1-75,
    Petersburg Road,
    Boone County,

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